Aduro Touch

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Aduro introduces the Aduro Touch, a small at-home device, which is specially designed for skin boosting and improving the appearance of wrinkles. This device is afe and well suited for all skin types or tones.

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The Aduro Touch has 3 technique solutions for your skin imperfections, where as the device comes with 3 different heads for usage. These are easy to switch so you can choose the technique you prefer the most or you can even change every each days to another head to experience different kind of effects to your skin.

1. Blue light head (anti-acne)

Blue light therapy technology has gained increased popularity for the treatment of acne. The blue light will send targeted beams of light deep under your skin’s surface to unclog pores and killing bacteria. With this technique, the Aduro Touch protects the skin from forming new acne. After a number of treatments, the blemishes disappear and skin regains its normal appearance. All clients with concerns over unwanted acne are candidates for treatment, regardless of their skin tone or severity of acne.

2. Red light head (anti-wrinkles)

Studies have shown that red light theraphy restores collagen and elastin within the skin. As new collagen forms, fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections are naturally sloughed away. Circulation is enhanced, which will bring an emmdiate healthy glow to your skin, and paves the way for you to maintain a more youthful and healthier appearance. With just a few minutes on a daily doses, the Aduro Touch will instantly delivers great results.

3. Vibration head (tightness of skin)

This head supports lifting and nourishing of your skin where as the tightness of the muscles will be enhanced. This head consists of three levels of intensity. You can choose the level of your preference yourself. While using this head, old skin will vanish and your skin will gradually on result in a firm and smooth skin.


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